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Is Your Wireless Network Really Secure?

If Not, Your Business Is At Risk.

Secure Wireless NetworkingYou depend on Wi-Fi to extend your business’s networking capabilities. Wireless Local Area Networks (WLANs) provide the mobility, flexibility and accessibility you need to grow your business.

However, relying on Wi-Fi comes with its risks. Unlike wired LANs (local area networks) that are secured inside your office, your Wi-Fi network transmits data over radio waves in open space. If your wireless network isn’t properly secured, unauthorized users can gain access to it, and the information you transmit. This puts your business at risk! Aquarius Technology Solutions can help. Contact us to learn how. (815) 261-9602

Aquarius will secure your wireless network with solutions like:

  • A properly designed and implemented WLAN.
  • Separate guest and business networks.
  • High-security encryption.
  • Firewalls that make your networked computers invisible to simple hacking scans and probes.
  • Network Monitoring to detect and block unauthorized access.
  • Essential Firmware and software upgrades.

I enjoyed working with Aquarius Technology Solutions. They are a fantastic addition to any engineering team and possesses both sales and solutions expertise.

Eric F
Business Computer Support

Protect your wireless network from unauthorized access.

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