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More Businesses Today Are Switching From Landline Phone Service To VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) and Telephony Management.

Why? — Because they’re impressed by its cost savings and productivity- enhancing features. You will be, too.

business telephonesYour clients and patients are your company’s most important asset— And to satisfy them, you must provide an exceptional experience each and every time you serve them. Choosing the right telephony solution is extremely important for improving client service. This is where VoIP excels.

Most companies want to save money and boost their customer experience. With VoIP and Telephony Management Services from Aquarius Technology Solutions you can do both. Plus, it enables remote working opportunities for your employees, as they can send and receive calls via your Service with their smart phones. Contact us to learn more: (815) 261-9602

VoIP and Telephony Management Service From Aquarius:

  • Uses a high-speed Internet connection. You don’t need telephone lines.
  • Stays up and running when phone lines are down.
  • Saves you money on long-distance calls.
  • Lets you make/receive calls and retrieve voice mail from anywhere you have an Internet connection (even around the world).
  • Is a smart option for your traveling workforce.
  • Is scalable so you can expand or reduce your service as your needs change.

Plus, you’ll benefit from:

  • Conference Calling: Speak to multiple people at the same time through your desktop, laptop or mobile device.
  • Smart Voice Mails (VMs): Never miss another voice mail. Your VMs are immediately emailed directly to your computer or smartphone, so you always know if someone needs to hear from you.
  • Unlimited Extensions: Increase your mailboxes as your needs grow, and never stress over a shortage of storage again.
  • Auto-Attendant & Transfers: All calls are answered, forwarded to you, and recorded for your future reference.
  • Call Forwarding: Use your web-interface to easily forward calls to any number in the world.
  • Instant Messaging (IM): If you need information from a staff member when you’re on a call with a client, you can IM them a request, and relay the information to your caller immediately.
  • User-Friendly Travel Options: Our VoIP and Telephony Management takes the stress out of communications when you’re on the road.

I enjoyed working with Aquarius Technology Solutions. They are a fantastic addition to any engineering team and possesses both sales and solutions expertise.

Eric F
Business Computer Support

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