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We’re In The Midst Of A “Mobile Revolution!”

Take Advantage Of The Value Our Secure Mobile Cloud Solutions Provide.

Cloud ServicesAdvances in cloud solutions have brought enhanced mobility and value for companies both small and large. Mobility began as a trend, but quickly became a necessity that picked up speed, and gained recognition within businesses across all industries. We’re in the midst of a “Mobile Revolution” where employees now demand secure access to business data, anytime from anywhere.

Your employees want the ability to:

  • Connect to your corporate network remotely from their mobile devices like laptops, smartphones and tablets.
  • Access your data and applications, so they can work from home or on the road.
  • Share, edit and view files in real time from their mobile devices, so they can get their work done, whenever, wherever.

Cloud computing and mobility can increase your employee’s productivity, and, ultimately, your profitability. However, you must ensure the privacy of your data. Because of this, you need a provider who offers cloud and mobile solutions that mitigate security threats.

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Join The “Revolution.” Take Advantage Of Our Secure Mobile Cloud Solutions.

Microsoft Office 365 with:

  • Email Services from Microsoft Office 365 Hosted Exchange
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Microsoft Lync
  • Microsoft Office Professional

Cloud Consulting Services that determine:

  • Which of your IT components should be moved to the cloud.
  • Your cost-benefit ratio.
  • If there are any privacy or compliance issues.
  • If you’ll benefit from enhanced accessibility, scalability and security with cloud services.
  • If cloud solutions are aligned with your goals.

Cloud-Based File Sharing so your employees can access files remotely from their laptops, smartphones and tablets, and you can reduce virtual private network (VPN) costs.

SAN (Storage Area Network) Services that provide centralized, highly available, highly scalable, data storage for server systems stored in our high-security data centers.

Backup and Business Continuity Services that:

  • Provide both onsite and offsite secure backups that are monitored 24/7.
  • Collect, compress, encrypt and securely store your data, so it’s there when you need it.
  • Perform integrity validation to ensure complete recoverability.
  • Maintain and update your applications and systems.
  • Ensure you and your employees can securely access your data anytime and from anywhere.

Mobile Device Management that provides:

  • The capability to locate, wipe and lock a stolen or lost mobile device.
  • The ability to wipe only business data from an employee’s personal mobile device.
  • Continuous remote monitoring and management of mobile devices.
  • Secure passcode implementation.
  • Enforced encryption.

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Eric F
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Don’t get left behind in the “Mobile Revolution.” Take advantage of the value that secure mobile cloud computing provides.

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