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Aquarius Technology Solutions Makes IT Run Smoothly for Luna Flooring – Making a World of Difference in the Company’s Level of Efficiency! 

Luna Flooring started in the Chicago area in 1958 and is part of the Empire Today umbrella of home improvement stores, which boasts more than 70 locations nation-wide. Recently, Luna Flooring initiated a project to integrate its IT systems for its outlets so that individual stores could share sales and inventory data in real-time.

Chicago IT ServicesLarry Melendez is a senior manager with Luna Flooring, and while he may be an expert in all things flooring, he will be the first to admit that his IT skills are not at the same level as his knowledge of carpet and tile. That’s why when he recognized the need to integrate the IT systems at several Luna Flooring outlets, he decided to bring in an IT consultant to provide assistance.

Unfortunately, the results were less than satisfactory; part of the problem was that the consultant was based far from Luna Flooring’s Chicago-area stores. As a result, the consultant was unable to provide sufficient on-site assistance.

Trying to do everything remotely consumed a great deal of our time,” explains Melendez, “and because much of the work was very technical, we found it very frustrating and it put an unnecessary strain on my team.”

It was at this point that Melendez decided he needed to go another route. He was pleased to learn that highly-recommended Aquarius Technology Solutions was located near his location and specialized in the delivery of IT support to businesses in the Chicago area.

An IT Services Company That Makes IT Run Smoothly, Improves Efficiency, and Makes Their Clients Feel at Ease!

Upon first meeting Aquarius Solutions CEO Jason Zamet, Melendez felt at ease. It was clear that Jason and the team at Aquarius not only knew a great deal about the technology and the enhancements Luna Flooring required, but Jason also committed to working on-site to ensure the project progressed as planned.

“From our first meeting,” notes Melendez, “I found Jason to be very personable. He took the time to explain what Aquarius was doing in terms that were easy for non-technical people to understand.”

Since bringing Aquarius on board, there has been tremendous progress on the project and as Melendez confirms, Jason and the experts at Aquarius now have the systems integrated and functioning as required.

“Our systems are now working together and everything is running smoothly. Jason even solved a software issue we were having, which helped further improve our efficiency so it is clear his expertise extends beyond just hardware.”

For Luna Flooring, providing sufficient on-site time, bolstered by remote access as necessary, was a major reason Aquarius was able to get the project back on track. Not only has the project been salvaged, but Melendez feels Luna Flooring has received excellent service and great value on the investment.

A Flooring Company with “Nothing but Positive Things to Say” About Aquarius Technology Solutions!

“I have nothing but positive thing to say for the service and value we have received from Aquarius. Jason provided us with very competitive pricing and all invoices have been exactly as expected. The time allotted to individual tasks has always been in line with estimates and there have been no surprises.”

It appears that partnering with Aquarius has been very successful for Luna Flooring as confirmed by Larry’s willingness to recommend Aquarius.

“I would absolutely recommend Aquarius Technology Solutions to anyone requiring an IT consulting service”, states Melendez. “I appreciated that Jason was prepared to go above and beyond to solve our problems and his commitment has made a world of difference.”

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