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In Today’s Technology-Driven Marketplace, Your Law Firm Must Adopt Up-To-Date Technologies To Meet Your Clients’ Needs

Your law firm has three main technology requirements:

IT solutions for law offices

  1. To analyze diverse and extensive amounts of data.
  2. To increase efficiencies and cost savings.
  3. To ensure the security of your clients’ confidential information.

However, many legal practices aren’t meeting these requirements. Why?—Because they’ve fallen behind in technology.

To adopt and keep up with today’s technology, your firm requires Legal IT Experts such as the ones at Aquarius Technology Solutions. We’ll help you implement custom-designed solutions so you meet all three of these requirements. To learn how, contact us: (815) 261-9602 

With Aquarius Your Law Firm Will Benefit From:

  • Cloud Technologies that improve your productivity, efficiencies and security. With our cloud solutions you can eliminate the cost of paper, the hassle of sifting through files, store massive amounts of information (Big Data), share important files in real time, and secure your clients’ information offsite in our high-security data centers.
  • Case Management Software that brings your staff’s desktop calendars, contacts, filing system, and task-management solutions together in one package. This helps you and your employees better organize, manage deadlines, retrieve client information, and coordinate communications. In addition, case management software provides you the proactive advice you need to effectively manage your law practice, and feedback on how you’re progressing.
  • Financial Management Software to help you manage your billable hours, design short- and long-term financial plans, and budget your expenses effectively. We’ll train your employees on Financial Management Software specifically designed for law firms.
  • Data and Email Encryption to protect your confidential client and case information. We’ll protect your email when in transit and in storage—Data at rest, such as on laptops or portable servers, and in motion, such as over wireless networks or the Internet.
  • Data Backup and Disaster Avoidance. While your computers can easily be replaced, the intellectual property and sensitive data stored on them cannot. Computer hard drives and tape backups can fail, laptops can be stolen or lost, and data can be erased due to employees’ negligence, or by computer viruses. We offer the backup and disaster-avoidance solutions to keep data secure, and always accessible.

I enjoyed working with Aquarius Technology Solutions. They are a fantastic addition to any engineering team and possesses both sales and solutions expertise.

Eric F
Business Computer Support

Aquarius Technology Solutions will ensure your law firm stays up to date with technology so you can better serve your clients’ needs.

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